Bench grinders are needed if you want to keep your tools working properly. It is a sharpening tool usually preferred due to its effectiveness as well as its smooth operation.

They vary in size, uses, types of grits, and types of wheels. Join us as we enlighten you more on selecting the best bench grinders so as not to make the wrong decision.

Criteria for categorizing bench grinders

Overall design- They are placed in categories according to how they are designed and how they look like.

Wheels- The types of wheels built on them also vary, thus differentiating them as well, ranging from straight wheels to course wheels and tapered wheels. There are many more, and most times, the wheels do all the work on the grinder.

Grit types-  This comes in different manners, depending on which bench grinder wheels is preferred.

Types of bench grinder

Based on overall design

  • WOODWORKING BENCH GRINDER –  This grinder is majorly designed to smooth out cutting edges. However, this isn’t it’s the only function; it can also be used to grind wood.  When it is needed to work on a project that has to be very precise, this woodworking bench grinder runs at a speed that is perfect for this manner of accuracy.
  • AUTOMOTIVE BENCH GRINDER – The automotive bench grinder doesn’t work in the automotive industry, which sounds contrary to its name. It is designed to grind cutting tools, and it is also used to shape different types of metal types of equipment. It is quite popular because it is quite easy to use.
  • STANDARD VARIABLE SPEED GRINDER – This grinder is very versatile as it serves almost every purpose you can think of. It is usually very durable and has a combination of a lot of grinding wheels all in one. It has enough accuracy you might require for a high precision job. The speed is also entirely adjustable.
  • PORTABLE GRINDER – This grinder, just like its name, is quite light and very mobile. Just in case you need to work on tools that are not in one place, this is the best option. However, it is not as strong as the other ones.

Based on wheel type

  • STRAIGHT WHEEL GRINDER – This kind of wheel is the most common type, and it is usually used to sharpen chisels and other tools. It is used for centerless and cylindrical grinding, as well as any surface grinding.
  • TAPERED WHEEL GRINDER – This grinder is used for delicate works, for instance, grinding threads or sharpening gear teeth. The edges are tapered and so digging into the grooves is easier.
  • SAUCE WHEEL GRINDER – It sharpens saw blades well and efficiency. This is its primary function.
  • CYLINDER WHEEL GRINDER – This is designed to sharpen huge metal sheets at once as its wheel is hollow and massive, so it accommodates huge tools too.
  • DIAMOND WHEEL GRINDER – It is designed for tough tools. The wheel is usually lined with diamond cuts to make your grinder capable of sharpening anything.

Based on type of grit

  • SILICON CARBIDE GRIT GRINDERS – They usually come in different colors like green and black and are majorly used for finishing. The green is sharper than the black.
  • ALUMINUM OXIDE GRIT GRINDER – This is the most common grit used for grinders because of efficiency. It is also inexpensive.
Best bench grinders out there

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